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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 1, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> live and in hd this is good mroning washington. >> good morning. it is thursday, november 1. we're glad you are starting your day with us. >> some local schools will be closed today because of hurricane sandy.
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any other closings we will pass along the. >> what you are seeing now is what you will get four days a head. the cool chalky pattern keeping us cloudy. let's look at the radar picture. we are all stuck in they cloudiness from the great lakes to the northeast, it is generally overcast. we will bit breaks at times. they think we have a lesser chance of getting one of those showers. 46 degrees at a reagan national. 40 degrees at dulles. slowly but steadily the temperatures will rise. 52 degrees by noon. 56 degrees and partly sunny and at 5:00. we will talk about when we will see a little bit of a warm up.
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but said over to traffic. >> overnight construction crews were able to get out and get to work. outer loop near route 7. 395, let's take a look at the camera. in the southbound direction of duke street at this early hour, there is not much of a delay. you cannot see it and this camera shot. there is where we have activity to the far right. we also have activity on interstate 95 as far as the age of the land. they are getting ready to open the h. o. the lane for commuters. -- hov plan for commuters. bethesda and landover all good. >> we are going to start with morethe aftermath of that
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super storm sandy. >> thousands of people across the area are still without power this morning. pepco is reporting a handful of outages. the many and reports over 33 outages. bge has roughly 6300 outages right now. martin o'malley is spending another day checking out the miss left behind it. >> out in garrett county, and more than two feet of snow. widespread outages in that part of the state. he will visit a shelter in oakland, maryland. >> president obama got a firsthand look at destruction and new jersey. entire neighborhoods washed away. on wednesday a gas main broke sparking several fires.
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the president told victims the government was there for them and he would not tolerate any red tape. >> i can promise you the federal government will be working as closely as possible with local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> in new york there are some signs of progress. parts of the subway is running today. amtrak will star running trains in and out of new york on friday. >> on tuesday cynthia lopez was working with a tree removal company when the huge tree fell right on top of her. -- a tree fell right on top of him. >> i think he has children. >> there appears to be an
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accident the health and occupational safety department is reviewing the incident. sandy is responsible for 74 deaths nationwide. nobody in d.c. has been killed so far. >> coming up, a worry for those who work
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>> welcome back. it is 4:07 ran out. >> it is 46 degrees. a little warmer than yesterday. our air is dry air, which means it will allow a little more sunshine and trying to peak in today. we have 40 at dulles. gaithersburg at 43 degrees at this hour. we still have a lot of cloudiness. we are in the upper level pattern that will keep us in this cloudiness pattern. this is still the remnants from sandy. it will slowly and gradually improve again. a mix of sunshine and clouds. high temperatures between 52 and 58 degrees. that is a good 5-10 degrees
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below average. we will have a whole lot of that over the next several days. little variation and enter the temperatures. mostly a dry pattern as well. the first chance of rain comes on monday. many rivers came out of their banks this week from sandy. we will go over to adam passkey for more on that. >>-- caskey for more on that. >> we are still seeing some high water out there. we have one coastal flood warning any factor in now. that is for the immediate metro area. -- ion effect right now. i also have a few other surprises for you. a flood warning any effect until 2:00 this afternoon for the
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district, especially around georgetown alexandria, even prince george's and fairfax county. yesterday the tide it made it up to 2.3 feet, which is still considered a minor flooding there. minor flooding yesterday evening at 9:00 p.m. november 1, the night after halloween, i like to bring you a halloween photo. this is from brian smith and gavin lunscombe. i guess he typically wears bright colors. his nickname is schedules. there is scott bain and his son. we will have plenty more to share with the throughout the morning. >> i love it.
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we see a couple of people starting to get out and about our early bird like to call them. northbound 95 everybody is pushing north out of dale city, we have light volume here. a crash on 395 southbound by duke street. a fire affecting fourth street at north street. that also means third and at florida you will find a lot of activity. a roundabout way, they are wrapping up the construction. if you are near rte. 7 and gallows road. ridge road was closed each way. that is for on going utility repair. >> 4:11 right now. amtrak delivering service to the northeast corridor.
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they will operate modified service south of newark, new jersey today. they are hoping to restore limited service to new york city tomorrow. those who have already -- you can receive a refund or a voucher for future travel. >> city buses are starting to run again in new york. wednesday night people push their way onto a bus and headed over the queens borough bridge. the agency that runs public transport will offer free rides today and tomorrow. they are encouraging people to use mass transit instead of driving. 4:" right now and 41 degrees outside. >> the video that has gone by role. the presidential election
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>> welcome back. >> we were following a story out of college park, maryland. police say a robbery took place early this morning at the 7300 baltimore ave. the suspects are still at large. they are asking students to stay alert. this did happen off campus. it is a store we are continuing to follow. another story from the university of southern california. we will pull up the front page of the l.a. times. several people have been shot at a campus halloween party. not sure yet if the victims are students or not. we are trying to get more information out of los angeles.
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this happened after 1:00 this morning their time. several people shot. we're not sure if they are students or not. hopefully we will have more information a little bit later on a denture the newscast. >> 4:79 now. the investigation continues with a deadly shooting in northwest washington. >> a man shot several times and ignited it. it is unclear what led up to the shooting. police are not releasing information on suspects. a police chase ended with three arrests. the suspects were taken into custody on morton street. officers found a gun inside the suspect poses a car. >> the search continues for those behind the shooting of a teenager in southeast d.c. we do not know how he is doing right now. still checking on that.
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police questioned one person but so far no arrests. >> investigators are trying to find out what caused a fire at a warehouse and northeast. at one. conditions were so bad that firefighters were ordered to evacuate the building. there were no injuries, luckily. some streets are expected to be closed for the next several hours. >> authorities need your help to find a critically missing man in capitol heights. 82-year-old alfred dennis was last seen tuesday afternoon. police say he was driving a black jeep patriot. if you know where he is,, prince george's county police. >> council expected to vote on a bill today protecting the the
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city's lack of voting rights. the phrase has been a rallying cry for d.c. voting rights advocates for quite some time. we now turn to politics at 4:19. five days to go until the election. both nominees returning to the trail. >> this comes one day after president obama went to new jersey to survey the damage. later today he will travel to green bay, wisconsin. from there it is on to las vegas, denver, and columbus. >> vice-president joe biden talking with voters in iowa today. his campaign shrugs off a comment he made it. joe biden joking with a man about running for president in 2016.
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staff was quick to point out the joking tune he used. he did not mention anything about it during a speech later hit the supporters. >> mitt romney is said to appear in roanoke and virginia beach today. a colorado girl making headlines for expressing what others might feel for the election. >> they were listening to npr on tuesday when they grow started crying. her mom started recording while asking abigale why she was crying. >> i'm tired of obama and mitt romney. >> is that why you are crying? it will be over soon abby. ok? > the election will be over san. >> ok.
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>> the mother posted that video on youtube. it has gone viral. npr heard about it and send a letter to the girl apologizing. the note also said, we must confess the election has gone on too far for us to. we will keep telling ourselves only a few more days. >> it is 4:21. chilly out there. temperatures and below 40's.
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>> good morning, washington. the morning after halloween, a little tougher to get up early this morning. or are you still up from last night? send us your halloween pictures. we are still cloudy. we are stuck in the lingering pattern that we will have a lot of cloudiness. we will see breaks of sunshine. dry air tries to work its way in. today's whether looking very much like yesterday as the remnants of sandy and our new weather pattern will stay the same for the next couple of days. we do have some dry air that has
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been building. 39 in manassas, 40 at dulles,. well below average by a good 5- 10 degrees. you will need a jacket today. it will be partly sunny and cool. >> i hope everyone had a safe halloween, too. right now run the region we have a cruise in the tyson area doing construction overnight. on the toll road, they're trying to wrap up. it looks like they open up another gates corp. hov commuters on 95. everything is clear in each direction on 95. a make -- a minor crash on 395
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southbound at near duke street. they have rapid that up. -- wrapped that up. keep in mind with the building fire in the southeast fourth street is closed. >> still to come on the
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>> this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> straight ahead now at 4:30, picking up the pieces after sandy. we'll have the latest on the recovery efforts in the hardest hit areas in the northeast. it is thursday, november 1. >> we're going to get right over to jackie. >> good morning, guys. nice start this morning. a little bit on the chilly side. our weather pattern is going to be kind of stagnant over the next couple of days. here is the weather headlines. it is going to be a lot like yesterday. a mix of shined clouds. there will be times where it appears sunnier and times where it appears cloud temperature-wise it is cool and cooler temperatures are going to


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